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Did you land here via geekonheels.com?

Hello there, welcome to my new site!

Geekonheels.com and this site had so much overlap that I decided to merge content. In that process, I kept most pages, articles, and tutorials, but some of them didn’t make it here. Knowing how much running into a 404 from a search result in Google (or any other search engine) disappoints me, I decided to create a different experience for those who bump into a link for a non-existing page. Tadaaa, this is it.

Were you looking for a specific Elementor tutorial?

All Elementor related articles and tutorials are being been grouped under the Elementor archive. At this time (May 2022) I am still in the process of moving articles over. If you are sure there’s an article missing here that lived on geekonheels.com, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Chances are I forgot to move it.

Searching on this site

I have not yet implemented an easy way to search. I am not yet convinced that the Search Widget in Elementor is fully accessible, and I want to test it before I add it.

There’s a great chance that I will add an additional taxonomy to the tutorials, to separate them from regular posts. I would place them as a menu on the archive page of all Elementor related posts. If this is too much “geek speak” for you: this means adding another kind of category to filter on, separate from the regular post categories. I can then turn that into a menu for tutorial topics, such as accessibility tips, ACF, CSS, custom post types, HTML, PHP snippets and more.

By the way, my go-to plugin to add taxonomies is Custom Post Type UI from WebDevStudios. It’s freely available from the WordPress Plugin Directory.


– Anne