Webshops neglecting accessibility miss out on 10% to 25% revenue*

*Don’t just take my word for it, the EU Commission reported about a supermarket that invested 35000 GBP in an accessible web shop, which resulted in 13 million GBP additional annual revenue. That’s over 37000% ROI.

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Accessible Design Consultancy

Do people tell you that accessible web design is very limited? That you can’t create a beautiful graphical design or use all the colours you want, if it has to be accessible? That is nonsense. It’s not about the colors you use, it is about how you implement them.

Accessible Content Consultancy

Imagine landing in a physical hardware store where all lanes are called: “here” or all products are wrapped in plain white bags with no image, no description and only a price. This is a reality for 10% to 20% of your web shop visitors! And that’s not very difficult to prevent.

Accessible Coding Consultancy

If it displays on your tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop, it’s HTML. If the framework used does not apply semantic HTML, it possibly renders your expensive site or app useless for accessibility and usability alike. And there’s more…

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Additional Services

With 24 years experience under my belt, I have built an extensive international network of web developers, designers and SEO specialists. I’ll happily guide you in selecting and vetting the right suppliers for your project. 

You can also hire me for:

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Geek Speak Translation

Translate geek speak to human speak and vice versa, in such a way all parties involved understand what is meant.

Functional Design Done Better

Save yourself from unexpected costs and increase conversion with better functional design for your accessible web project.

Speaker in English, German and Dutch

My passionate speaking about Elementor, successfully running a business with ADHD or web accessibility, spices up your event!

Independent Web Consultancy

I offer general, independent guidance in the process of (re)launching your website, web app or intranet from start to finish.

Custom Video Tutorials

Custom support documentation and video tutorials for end users.