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Main Services by Anne

Online accessibility has an undeserved reputation of complexity. I break the aspects apart in easy to understand chunks of information, for every discipline involved. 

Accessible Design Consultancy

Yes, you can create attractive smashing accessible design. It requires a different way of thinking. Because design is functional. It’s not art, but it can still be artfully presented. I’ll happily explain and bring you and / or your designers up to speed.

Accessible Content Consultancy

Making sure your texts are readable, inline links make sense to all (including Google!) and your images are perceivable by all visitors, including the ones using assistive technology, is not hard to learn and even less hard to maintain.

Accessible Coding Consultancy

Overwhelming ends here. Writing accessible code is not rocket science. To ensure your site is accessible to all visitors and potential customers, this process starts with a great functional design, and implementation of semantic elements!

Additional Services

Except my services as a speaker, the fact all my services have in common: they save you money in the long run. Both directly and indirectly. 

Geek Speak Translation

Translate geek speak to human speak and vice versa, in such a way all parties involved understand what is meant.

Functional Design Done Better

Save yourself from unexpected costs and increase conversion with better functional design for your accessible web project.

Speaker in English, German and Dutch

My passionate speaking about Elementor, successfully running a business with ADHD or web accessibility, spices up your event!

Independent Web Consultancy

I offer general, independent guidance in the process of (re)launching your website, web app or intranet from start to finish.

Custom Video Tutorials

Custom support documentation and video tutorials for end users.