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Anne-Mieke Bovelett, headshot. Anne-Mieke Bovelett is a passionate web & accessibility consultant. She was born in 1971 in The Netherlands in a long lineage of visual artists, sculptors, musicians and nutty professors. Where her commercial genes come from is still a mystery. The creative apple does not fall far from the tree. Daughter of Danish Oscar winning animator and jazz musician Børge Ring, and Dutch sculptor Joanika Ring, she designed and created her first website in 1998.


Until 2008 she continued creating static sites as an after-hour part-time freelancer, next to her day job. When she founded her full-service web agency in 2008, she started working with an Open Source CMS called CMS Made Simple™, in 2010 she joined ranks in their Dev team, handling Marketing, Communication and PR during seven years. Anne: “That was an educational ride. I have the core developers to thank for a lot of understanding about technical design, knowledge I now profit greatly from in my work as an accessibility consultant. No matter how stupid I feared my question was, one of them always took time to answer. And that’s how I became a geek speak translator.” Knowing there is no such thing as the ultimate “one size fits all” content management system, she learned to work with several Open-Source CMSs throughout the years. WordPress became one of her absolute favorites. In 2018, she discovered Elementor, one of the most versatile page builders in the WordPress ecosystem. It rekindled her passion for the graphic side of webdesign. Anne: “When responsiveness for mobile devices became a thing, web design had felt like sitting “between a rock and a hard place” for many years. I started to resent the customers who tried to get out of paying for the extra time it cost to create and code a responsive design for all devices. However, turning all of them down because of that would have been bad for business. For efficiency’s sake, I was working with themes that had responsiveness built in. Tweaking those to fit my design was not that hard, but I resented it because these themes turned out to be slow loading bloat boats.  Elementor’s lightweight Hello theme combined with the power of a page builder with dynamic capabilities was a dream come true.” In case you really care for the dry career facts, visiting Anne’s LinkedIn profile is a good idea, as this here is a very rough summary. Anne-Mieke can regularly be found in Switzerland, The Netherlands and in Turkey, but her home base is in Germany near Düsseldorf.


Anne-Mieke has a strong focus on community. Her slogan is: “Creating is fun. Teaching others how to successfully create is bliss.”

She’s part of the organizing team of WordCamp Europe 2023 and a long-standing Elementor Community Leader. 

When she’s not working on web related projects, she works on her paintings or she is creating recipes for her food blog.

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