Creative Coach

Supporting you to bring out your unexpected talents and to learn how to focus in daily life without anxiety!

Yes!! You can paint

And you can draw. Forget all nasty comments you ever got about your creative skills in the field of painting and drawing. You can create amazing things, visualize the beauty of your true inner self, and I will show you how.

Finding joy and peace in creativity

Are you stressed out? Feeling depressed? Still feel like a loser or impostor, in spite of having a successful career?

Or are you just looking for a way to find your own answers to your existential questions, without your head bouncing in ten different directions?

Don’t be a stranger, get in touch with me.

Anne's full name (pronouced as Ahnnuh-Meekuh) in her own handwriting

Why work with me?

I come from experience, not from the hundreds of books I read.

Right now I’m doing great. But I know what it means to be in inner turmoil. Painting saved me. In the past I’ve lost everything I had, more than once, and survived. I felt like the loser of the year, in spite of good optics, such as a successful career, a sky high IQ, and being skilled in more than one profession.

Also, I nearly died, twice. But I survived and came back stronger. I don’t give a rat’s ass about theory and framed certificates on a wall. Fear and anxiety, feeling inferior, is real. Besides, I’m not in my twenties anymore… I turned 50 this year. 

I hate the word “coach” but can’t find a better expression for people to find me online. 

I will teach you to stay focused on the most important questions in your life, and to stay grounded at the same time. It’s how you find your answers. I do this through painting.

What, How and Where

See the gallery below? It’s what I will teach you. And you won’t be the first to say: “No way, I can’t make art like that, I have no talent.” And you’re not the last who’s going to be stunned and elevated once you see your own results. Including the inner ones, by the way.


Through painting, I let you experience how soothing it is, when your thoughts can’t wander off on one hand, and the peace of accepting you can’t really control the outcome of your painting, on the other hand. And then you experience the joy of letting go, and still have this amazing result. 

Phase 1

First, let’s see if we click. When you send me a message, I’ll make an appointment for a phone call.

Phase 2

We decide where we’re going to work. I can come to you, you can come to me. I currently live and work in the Düsseldorf Area. I’m not stuck here though. We can do a day, a weekend or even an entire week together.

I provide all materials and make sure we’re combine all effort with a tasty lunch and dinner. If you come for a weekend or a week, sleep accommodation is of course also arranged.


Due to the consequences of the COVID19 measures, none of my usual locations are available. This makes it impossible for me to realistically calculate the costs. As soon as things go back to normal, I’ll list all choices here.