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Functional Design Done Better

I should probably have called this the profitable “If This, Then What, aha!” session

What you learn in this session will not only save you money, directly and indirectly, in the process of creating an accessible web shop or website. It will give you the base to increase conversion and sales, and to successfully apply this knowledge to any future project.

Who is this session for?

All stakeholders in any web project. Anyone who thinks integration of accessibility is overwhelming will come out of this session feeling relieved and excited. Because after this, everyone will know where and how to get started. The functional design of the project will have a much better foundation!

This session squashes myths about costs, visual display limits and complexity of accessible websites

There is a lot of fearmongering going on about the cost of creating and maintaining accessible websites. Some companies happily coin in on leading you to believe that the creation and maintenance of an accessible website is a giant undertaking because it’s very complex to understand and execute. But when accessibility is not treated as an afterthought, it really is not!

From here on, I will refer to this as an IFTW session. It puts all involved in creating and maintaining an accessible website or web shop in the shoes of its visitors in a way you probably never thought of before.

Seeing it from their perspective, you will quickly understand how easy it is to debunk all the myths around high costs, visual display limits and complexity of accessible websites.
Realizing that you didn’t know what you were unaware of about your site visitors all this time is a powerful thing. You will understand the “why” in a way that quickly leads you catch up on learning the “how”.

Why I called this “Functional Design done better”

I chose that title because this session will lay the base for a better functional design for your web project.

Do you want to take that a step further and wish for me to write your functional design? No problem.

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