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In short: it was an emotional tweet by the daughter of a blind father. Five short lines that catapulted me into wanting to learn all about online accessibility. In that process, I realized that the online world needs accessibility made accessible to the people who, directly or indirectly, can make online accessibility happen.
A short pointer how to report your feature request or your bug report effectively to Elementor. GitHub is THE place where we, as a community, really get to flex our muscles towards Elementor. And it’s not happening nearly enough.
At this time (April 2021) the Share Links widget in Elementor Pro is not (yet!) fully accessible. Here’s a great alternative plugin for you to use!
What if you think your site is like a Mercedes SLK, but when you look closer, door handles are missing, and the wheels are square. That’s what it is, when it’s not designed, coded and populated with accessibility in mind.
Have you ever been successful in connecting with someone at a business event, simply by mindlessly throwing your business card in their face? I don’t think so.
A proper Functional Design, for any online project, prevents exceeding budgets, unwanted dependencies, and it’s an important tool for expectation management!