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How To Make A $ 50.000 Website Crappy With Just One Plugin

What if you think your site is like a Mercedes SLK, but when you look closer, door handles are missing, and the wheels are square. That's what it is, when it's not designed, coded and populated with accessibility in mind.

Can You Redefine Community? Yes, Elementor’s Director of Community Proves It!

Nofar Ben Dror Paecht is Director of Community at Elementor. They created a page builder that currently runs on at least 6 million sites. Take it from me, listening to this recent interview with her will give you invaluable insights.

No message, no effort = no connection!

Since I'm on the Elementor Experts Platform, a larger number of people has asked for a connection with me on Linkedin or sent me a friend request on Facebook... Without any effort to tell me why. No message, nothing.