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There are days when I want to scream, curse and morph into an acid oozing dragon to torch the bliss out of some people’s ignorance. But getting angry never works. Humor does.
Are you wondering why I have affiliate links on this site? I already sponsor and donate to open source developers and accessibility activists. With affiliate commission earned, I can go beyond my personal limits, and donate more!
Das ist eine der Tatsachen, zu denen ich mich nicht entschuldigen muss: Ich habe ADHS, und es ist tatsächlich eine der Eigenschaften, die mich in dem, was ich tue, erfolgreich machen.
The social sharing icons widget in Elementor is a comfortable way to quickly add in the symbols of your social media channels, and their links. You can make these accessible by adding aria-labels in the attributes field.
The difference between closed captions and open captions, is that the latter are auto-generated, lack punctuation (which sucks for anyone following your video with audio off) and you miss out on a massive SEO opportunity: closed captions are indexed.