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Accessible Design is Profitable Design, the ROI is massive.

A great online shopping experience makes happy returning customers! And that’s best explained by examples of a bad experience.

Colourfully dressed lady holding shopping bags

What is accessible design?

For that you need to understand what “design” technically means. From there it’s much easier to understand what defines accessible and inaccessible design.

Art and design are not the same thing

Design is functional. Sure, something can be artfully designed. But if that super duper mass production designer chair is impossible to sit on for people under 6ft, its functionality as a chair has been compromised. Nice art, bad design. Put those in your restaurant, and your guests will not return.

A website or shop is functional

Your shop site should convey information about your products and services in a clear way, understandable to all visitors, and a means to pay for those, under all circumstances. If the artistic factor in your design gets in the way of that, you exclude potential customers and throw revenue out the window.

The result of a bad experience is the same in physical and online shops

Your potential customer leaves and does not return.

So how do you prevent this in your new shop?

This is where I come in. And if you want to maximise the user experience though accessible, inclusive design at a reasonable cost, you call me in way before moodboards, texts and functionality has been set in stone.

I’m the one who brings all parties involved in creating your webshop up to speed. The graphic design team, the developers, the people writing texts and creating and uploading media such as images and videos for products and blog articles.

Beat your competition to it

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Daily shop experiences we all recognize

You can’t choose, it all looks the same

Adding a color panel to filter on in your web shop is no use to someone who is color-blind (1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women), when it does not have the description too.

Regular Vision
Eight bright colors as seen with regular vision
Basic colors as seen with deuteranopia, a form of color-blindness
Basic colors as seen with protanopia, a form of color-blindness
Basic colors as seen with tritanopia, a form of color-blindness

Are you curious how this translates to web design? Book a free introductory consult. I’ll be more than happy to quickly bring you up to speed and give you some food for thought.

You can’t get in because...

In a physical store this can have various reasons. Because you can’t climb the stairs, for example.

On a web site a simple cookie or newsletter popup can block someone who uses keyboard or voice navigation. Speaking of smacking the door in someone’s face.

The music is so loud and distracting, you can’t think

Sliders, video backgrounds and animations have that same effect on people with cognitive disabilities (ADHD and autism, for example). But even for people who are simply tired, a moving circus sucks.

You can’t read the product labels

Insufficient color contrast and small fonts are an immense barrier. Not only to people with extreme loss of vision. Also to most who are over 45. You don’t always realise it, but at some point your vision declines. Light grey text on a white background may seem fancy. To me, for example, it’s unreadable.

You cant find your way around the store

Not being able to find your way around a web shop can have several causes. Because navigation is based on symbols without text, for example. Not everyone understands all these symbols! Or because navigation is based on colours which sucks for people who are colour-blind (1 in 8 men), and many more.

The directions in the store make no sense to you

You can’t find your way because there are no signs. And the person at the counter is explaining it to you in the most incomprehensible way.

Additional Services

With 24 years experience under my belt, I have built an extensive international network of web developers, designers and SEO specialists. I’ll happily guide you in selecting and vetting the right suppliers for your project. 

You can also hire me for:

Lifebuoy as a symbol for Anne's services

Geek Speak Translation

Translate geek speak to human speak and vice versa, in such a way all parties involved understand what is meant.

Functional Design Done Better

Save yourself from unexpected costs and increase conversion with better functional design for your accessible web project.

Speaker in English, German and Dutch

My passionate speaking about Elementor, successfully running a business with ADHD or web accessibility, spices up your event!

Independent Web Consultancy

I offer general, independent guidance in the process of (re)launching your website, web app or intranet from start to finish.

Custom Video Tutorials

Custom support documentation and video tutorials for end users.